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Round 9: Sign Ups

~ Comment to the post with the code below with your username ~
~ You don't need to apply but YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY! ~
~ Be sure you want to sign up, you're taking someone else's spot ~
~ Round will start NOVEMBER 2nd~

As I've said it before, I'm extending the timelines of rounds to whole month. Also I am changing the rules to have overall 20 icons, not 10 thtmes, 5 cat and 5 AC icons. Hope this will bring more participation in next rounds! :)

Info will be posted tomorrow, I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

1applepips16 x
2[Unknown LJ tag] x
3[Unknown LJ tag] x
4[Unknown LJ tag] x
5[Unknown LJ tag] x
6[Unknown LJ tag] x
7[Unknown LJ tag] x
8[Unknown LJ tag] x
9[Unknown LJ tag] x
10[Unknown LJ tag] x
11[Unknown LJ tag] x
12[Unknown LJ tag] x
13[Unknown LJ tag] x
14[Unknown LJ tag] x
15[Unknown LJ tag] x
16[Unknown LJ tag] x
17[Unknown LJ tag] x
18[Unknown LJ tag] x
19[Unknown LJ tag] x
20[Unknown LJ tag] x
21[Unknown LJ tag] x
22[Unknown LJ tag] x
23[Unknown LJ tag] x
24[Unknown LJ tag] x
25[Unknown LJ tag] x

Tags: # round 9, ~~sign ups

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