Round 9: Sign Ups

~ Comment to the post with the code below with your username ~
~ You don't need to apply but YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY! ~
~ Be sure you want to sign up, you're taking someone else's spot ~
~ Round will start NOVEMBER 2nd~

As I've said it before, I'm extending the timelines of rounds to whole month. Also I am changing the rules to have overall 20 icons, not 10 thtmes, 5 cat and 5 AC icons. Hope this will bring more participation in next rounds! :)

Info will be posted tomorrow, I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

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Round 8: Voting

~ Please vote in every category (2 sets and 5 icons), don't skip any set
~ Don't vote for yourself or ask anyone to vote for your work.
~ PLEASE, look at all of icons, there might be many, but try to look at all of them
~ Vote fairly and without bias.
~ Please consider two things when you vote: 1) if the icon fits the theme, 2) the quality of the icon.

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Round 8 - reminder

Hello everybody :)

I apologize for the absence of reminders in the past days but my life's gave me me so many lemons I had to do something with that... Anyway, as the comm wants to have more 'free way' to rounds, I am changing a bit the rules:

- rounds will lat full month (from 1st to last of every month)
- rounds will have 20 icons with one main theme (sometimes divided by few smaller ones, but it won't have 20in20 style - no 10 themes, category and AC icons, just 20 icons per main theme)
- voting will be posted on 1st of new month, and sometimes there may be some special voting

Hope that will help to attract more participants :)



HERE is list of themes and tables.

And HERE is the sign up post.


Would you consider participating in current round at technique20in20 with i.e. 2 weeks extension, and then every round would last one whole month (from 1st to last day of month)? I think in case of 'harder' themes this might work out well, also the voting will be only for first 3-5 sets and overall icons from each participant (so something like 20muses and 20inspirations). I am trying to get as much amenities for you, and I hope this solution will get your attention and win the support. If you have any questions, comment with anything you want to share (comments are screened), please let me know!